The Nitty Gritty (T&C’s)

Terms and Conditions


  1. All deliveries made by Farm to Fork are done subject to the following terms and conditions. Once a customer agrees to use our service they agree to our terms and conditions and terms of payment



  1. We aim to accept all orders from producers for delivery to their customers if they are received in a timely fashion and adhere to our ordering timeline. We reserve the right to refuse or delay delivery if orders are outside our terms and conditions, but every effort will be made to complete orders received outside of the order timeline
  2. Delivery timeline
    We do not have set times for pick-up and delivery but will work with suppliers to accommodate their needs as much as possible. Please contact us to arrange suitable days for our service


Picking up and delivery of your product by us:

  1. Produce pick-up and delivery can be booked using our pick-up and delivery online form. We ask for at least 12 hours’ notice prior for the following day pick up & delivery
  2. Forms can be downloaded, completed and either emailed or sent via text to 0404039367 or
  3. We aim to start our pickup and delivery run from 7am onwards. We cannot guarantee a certain time for either pick up or delivery, but we will do our best to service any requests if they are of reasonable nature

Orders placed by producers on behalf of their customers represent binding offers and acceptance of our services and payment terms.


Acceptance of Order:

  1. Produce to be picked up and delivered must be signed by the driver and will be recorded on our pickup and delivery run sheet for the day
  2. Temperature of chilled or frozen produce to be delivered must be recorded on
    customers invoices and Farm to Fork delivery run sheet
  3. We may refuse to pick up produce that is not within the health and safety guidelines stated below:
      1. Chilled food between 0 and 4 degrees
      2. Frozen food at minus 15 degrees

    Transport is provided in a refrigerated vehicle where required and therefore will adhere to prime safe transport regulations

  4. All produce is the responsibility of Farm to Fork once it has left the pick-up premises and is insured by us against loss or damage. We are however not liable or responsible for the condition of the produce if it is sealed when we receive it, unless the produce has been damaged by us or transported at the incorrect temperature
  5. We guarantee that products transported by us will arrive at the destination in the same condition and temperature as when they were collected
  6. It is the producer’s responsibility to ensure that the correct product, weight, colour and size is packaged prior to pick up, ordered by the customer
  7. If the order delivered to the customer is incorrect and the customer wishes to return it, Farm to Fork will return it at the producer’s expense. The charge is $15 plus the original delivery cost
  8. If a customer refuses to accept produce due to substandard condition it is the customers responsibility to request a replacement, a credit or reorder with the producer directly. For any produce returned at the request of the customer due to its condition the producer will be charged a return fee of $15
    Examples of substandard condition include:

    1. Produce visibly old and/or decaying
    2. Packaging damaged (split, broken, ripped, bent) resulting in damage to the produce
    3. Produce was not correctly packaged and has deteriorated during transport
  9. If a customer receives produce in substandard condition and it is deemed that Farm to Fork is at fault, we will do our utmost to replace the items as soon as is practical and at no cost to the producer or customer
    Examples of substandard condition include

    1. Temperature at drop off destination was not within guidelines
    2. Produce has been damaged during transport


Opening an account

In order to open an account with Farm to Fork you must:

  1. Be aged 18 or over
  2. Be a current director of a company, partnership, sole trader or hold an ABN of a
    registered food related business
  3. Complete the credit application form
  4. Not be banned from holding company directorship, nor be subject to a personal
    insolvency agreement or debt agreement, nor have previously been declared
  5. In completing the account form, you will need to provide all relevant information asked for of the business or company applying for the account. This will include details of all relevant contact person or persons including postal address, email and phone numbers
  6. Once an account has been set up in the company or businesses name, we will
    contact that person named on the form to verify details and to inform them of how they may set up their orders
  7. Payment terms are strictly 14 days from date of delivery
  8. Payments can be made to us by either EFT no later than 14 days from the delivery date or by COD (in cash) when we pick up your produce. For our EFT details please refer to our invoices


Liability for defects / Warranty

Farm to Fork are responsible for all products and produce whilst in transit provided that they have been signed for at the pick-up point and destination point. We reserve the right to not pick up any goods that are either not at the correct temperature under the health and safety guidelines, packaged in a way that we consider is not suitable for the journey intended or visibly damaged.

The customer of the producer is responsible for the produce once delivered to them. We ask all producers to inform their customers to make sure that all produce is checked and signed for at the destination prior to the delivery driver leaving.

No claim for damaged goods or unsatisfactory quality, or any other claim will be recognised by Farm to Fork after produce has been delivered to the destination and signed for by the receiving party.

From time to time there may be a situation where we have to alter or delay our run times due to an unforeseen problem that is out of our control. We aim to make every effort to contact our client and their customer to inform them there may be a delay or cancelation affecting our same day pick-up and delivery. If this is the case and we have done everything possible to rectify the problem we may have to reschedule.


We reserve the right to charge a producer if our usual scheduled delivery runs are cancelled by the producer within 5 hours of our scheduled pick up time If we cannot replace the run with another producer.

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